Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My name is Randy. This is my soap box. I am hoping that this soap box can provide a much needed outlet for me. Thus far, the stress and frustrations in my life have only found their way out of me via a large bag of potato chips. Preferably BBQ. Since the only thing that can come of my overindulging in comfort food is the expansion of my waistline, I decided it is time to start writing. My hope is that sometimes, the things I write may be of interest to others.

Just in case you are reading this, my first personal blog entry ever, and wondering, "Just who is this Randy?", please allow me to introduce myself.

I am just your average thirty something Jewish guy. I live in New York, having made the move here nine years ago from my native Detroit. I do in fact, love NY but my heart will forever belong to "The D". There is something about growing up in a place where you can locate your hometown on the portable map that is the back of your right hand. A place where you can drink Vernor's, eat Sanders hot fudge, and Olga bread. Hey, don't knock it 'tll you've tried it.

What I'd like to do with this blog, is to share my thoughts on different issues each week. I am hoping I can cover everything from the hot button political issue of the day, to the unidentifiable contents of the trunk of my car. I really get a kick out of responding to questions posed by others, so feel free to post a comment if you want my take on something.

I thank you very much for beginning this blogging journey with me.
*He gets down off his soap box*

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